近く 荒井優作




1. 。っ
2. ラ
3. 中華
4. for
5. _
6. 原色
7. hello, goodbye (feat. 新仲間)
8. 何時?
9. chorus
10. 11月
11. 像


All songs Yusaku Arai were recorded in 2015 (except track9 recorded in 2016)


Artwork by 箕浦建太郎 / Kentaro Minoura
Mastered by 土井樹 / Itsuki Doi

Releace Date  July 1 , 2020

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オンラインと現実空間で同時進行する新時代のアートフェア <EASTEAST_TOKYO>

会期: 2020年6月26日(金) – 6月28日(日)
時間:13時-18時 (28日17時迄)
会場: ログズビル (東京都中央区日本橋横山町 7-14 )
入場無料 *Peatix による事前予約制 (毎時30人の入場制限を設けています。)

2020年6月25日(金) – 7月5日(日)
www.easteast.org / oil.bijutsutecho.com

BAF STUDIO TOKYO(@baf.tokyo) CALM & PUNK GALLERY(@calmandpunkgallery)
island JAPAN(@islandjapan)PARCEL(@parceltokyo)
gallery trax(@gallery_trax)
SNOW Contemporary(@snow_contemporary)

2020 年 6 月アートフェア「EASTEAST_」が始動。会期は2020 年 6 月 26 日 ( 金 )~28 日 ( 日 ) に馬喰町・ログズビルにて、 6 月 25 日 ( 木 )~7 月 5 日 ( 日 ) に特設サイトでのオンラインと現実空間を同時進行し「EASTEAST_TOKYO」を 開催いたします。
2020 年 3 月に予定しておりましたこのフェアは、新型コロナウィルス感染拡大の影響を受け時期を変更いたしました。延期にあたり、現在の状況下におけるアートやギャラリー、アートフェアのあり方を再考察する新たな開催方式に挑戦いたします。
東東京に位置する馬喰町・ログズビルを会場にリアルな展示の場を公開すると同時に、3D スキャンによるオンラインビューイングを開催。遠方からの参加、鑑賞を可能とする他、オンラインでのみ参加可能なコンテンツを発信を行います。
また、OIL by 美術手帖の協力により、オンラインでの作品販売も並行して行います。


A new art fair platform, both physical and virtual.


Term: June 26 (Fri) – June 28 (Sun)
Open : 13:00-18:00 (last day -17:00)
Venue: Logs building (7-14 Nihonbashi Yokoyamacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)
*Pre reservation needed via Peatix.

June 25(Fri) – July 5(Sun)
www.easteast.org / oil.bijutsutecho.com

Participating Galleries:
BAF STUDIO TOKYO(@baf.tokyo)
CALM & PUNK GALLERY(@calmandpunkgallery)
island JAPAN(@islandjapan)PARCEL(@parceltokyo)
gallery trax(@gallery_trax)
SNOW Contemporary(@snow_contemporary)

A new artfair “EASTEAST_” will open its doors this June, 2020. In Bakurocho Tokyo, “EASTEAST_TOKYO” will have its first physical edition starting from June 26th to June 28th, and simultaneously online from June 25th to July 5th.
Originally this art fair was scheduled to start in March. However due to the spreading of COVID-19,  and the given difficult situations, we have adapted ourselves to a new structure for the participating galleries and artists.
Located in Eastern Tokyo, this art fair will take place both physically at the venue, virtually through a 3D scanned version, and in addition with online exclusive contents.
A selection of exhibited works will also be available through OIL by Bijutsutecho, an art EC platform.
Seven galleries all known for surpassing and challenging the realms of culture and art, will gather to create this new network/platform starting from Tokyo.

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Kentaro Minoura


1. レオポン (6:40)
2. 言問橋 (5:26)
3. 吾妻橋 (5:01)
4. イチカワヤ (12:54)
5. くにお (3:13)
6. 駒形橋 (0:14)
7. 桜橋 (3:36)


Primordial Void  ” 今戸焼 ”  Kentaro Minoura  4th Album

Written , Produce , Mastering by Kentaro Minoura
Artwork by Kentaro Minoura
Releaced by Primordial Void  (PV-07)
Releace Date  June 12 , 2020


℗©Kentaro Minoura 2020. Manufactured by Kentaro Minoura.20612STEREO

All rights Reseved.Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable law.   primordial-void.com   minourakentaro.com


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箕浦建太郎  Kentaro Minoura



2020 January 11February 29 at : PARCEL
Tokyo , 1F DDD, 2-2-1 Nihonbashi-Bakurocho, Chuo-ku,
[Open] Wed, Thu, Sun: 14:0019:00 Fri, Sat: 14:0020:00
[Closed] Mon, Tue, Holidays


住所:東京都中央区日本橋馬喰町2-2-1, DDD 1F
時間:水、木、日14:0019:00 金、土14:0020:00






この度 PARCEL では 2020年1回目の企画として 箕浦建太郎の個展 「き」 を開催いたします。
PARCEL としては初めてとなります箕浦建太郎の個展、ぜひご高覧ください。



PARCEL is proud to announce our first exhibition in 2020 by Tokyo based artist Kentaro Minora. The solo exhibition is entitled “Ki”.
Born in Shizuoka in 1978, and growing up in the downtown area of Tokyo (Asakusa) and based in this metropolis ever since, aside from his distinct paintings Minoura has been known for presenting art works through a broad range of activities including the CD covers of famous Japanese bands and collaborative books with photographer Kotori Kawashima.
Never stopping from his youth, Minoura has been continuously painting till this day. His motifs derive from various elements encountered through his life which has accumilated and evolved into a life-like form. As many of the artists now days are, Minoura was also surrounded by various mixed cultures such as anime, film and music, street and skate. These paintings are a self portrait of the artist and a mirror of his life-style.
From the usage of traditional painting techniques to modern day tools like aerosol, the delicate transition between colors and its layers in Minoura’s paintings, questions us the importance of viewing the works with ones own eyes in an era where there are many other methods to view paintings.
The “things” placed in the anonymous backgrounds painted by Minoura, portray the fragments of the forgotten cultures and the past itself, and through the eyes with a slight hope to be discovered, thse “things” even reflect the struggles and peopled buried under the social system today.


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