Through a miraculous encounter, I was given a house in Koshu City, Yamanashi Prefecture, belonging to three very nice sisters.
I plan to turn the main house + annex + storehouse + shed + garden into a house + studio for my work.

I’m pretty excited!


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Tanaka Hideyuki / Berk Offset – Splitter EP (VINYL ONLY)


Tanaka Hideyuki / Berk Offset – Splitter EP (VINYL ONLY)

A1: Tanaka Hideyuki – Whydisway
A2: Tanaka Hideyuki – Lizer55
B1: Berk Offset – Instabil_2
B2: Berk Offset – Instabil_1

A-side tracks written and produced by Tanaka Hideyuki
B-side tracks written and produced by Rainer Maria Silke
Mastered by DIAL-audio / dial-audio.de
Artwork by Kentaro Minoura / minourakentaro.com
Distributed by EFD / soundcloud.com/efd-tokyo
2021 doddadsee / doddadsee@gmail.com

Released by: dodaddsee
Release/catalogue number: doddadsee04
Format: 12 inch vinyl
Release date: Oct, 2021


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6 Paintings From 6 Artists

“6 Paintings From 6 Artists”

AUTO MOAI / BIEN / Hiroya Kurata / Kentaro Minoura / Taku Obata / Koji Yamaguchi

2021.10.16.Sat – 11.21.Sun
Opening Reception 10.15 Fri 18:00-20:00

2021 October 16–November 21 at : PARCEL
Tokyo , 1F DDD, 2-2-1 Nihonbashi-Bakurocho, Chuo-ku,

PARCEL では 10 月 16 日より、6 名の日本人作家によるグループ展を開催いたします。各世代を代表する作家たちによる最大級の大作を各 1 点ずつ、 抽象から具象までと幅広い作風の未発表 / 新作をご覧いただく機会となります。
オートモアイは 2015 年あたりからモノクロでの作品の制作を開始、2018 年からはカラーも多用し、匿名性の高い ” 存在 ” が画面に佇んでいるような 作風で知られております。極めて客観的でもありながら、とてもパーソナルな情景にも見えてくるその作風は、人間同士の関係性や、作品と鑑賞者の 関係性など、必要な情報が削ぎ落とされているからこそ見えてくる景色と情景を作家は提示してくれています。
1980 年生まれの彫刻家、小畑多丘は自身もブレイクダンサーだというルーツを元に、B-BOY にインスピレーションを受けた一連の彫刻作品で知られております。近年では彫刻の塑像と彫像の関係性をもとにアクリル絵具を中心とした画材を用いたキャンバス作品を発表しております。絵具が敷き詰 められたキャンバス作品から「削られた」質量を別のキャンバスに移動し「盛る」ことによって彫刻家としての平面作品への新しいアプローチ、身体 と質量の移動など、作家として初期から向かい合っているテーマを様々なメディアに展開しております。
同じく 1980 年生まれの倉田裕也は現在 NY を拠点に制作活動を行っております。倉田は過去に野球がモチーフとし、それは純粋に楽しいモノとして、 また競技の背景にある多くのメッセージを伝達する象徴とする作品群を過去に制作しておりました。近作は野球というキーワードから離れ、コロナ禍 で外出も移動もままならない中、もっとも身近で毎日接している存在としての家族に焦点を当てたシリーズを始めました。作家自身が実際に体験した 瞬間がベースにはなっていますが、我々鑑賞者にも当てはまる日常の中に感じる些細な幸せが色鮮やかに画面に展開しております。
1993 年生まれで、現在東京を拠点にしている作家 BIEN は人が生み出した文字や記号、マンガやアニメのキャラクターなどのかたちを躍動的な線でな ぞり、ストリートカルチャーやアニメーションの文化が持つ様々な表現様式を受け継ぎ、昇華しながら、記号的な意味の解体と再構築を試みています。 2021 年 3 月の PARCEL での個展ではカメラが捕らえた光(風景)の色面がパズル状に構成されたパネルの上を黒い線が縦横無尽に走り虚構と現実の 境目にある新しい抽象表現に挑んだシリーズを発表しました。
山口幸士は NY での活動を経て、2018 年から東京を拠点に活動している作家です。山口自身がスケートボードに乗りながら通りがかった景色をモチー フとした油画で知られています。全体的にモヤがかかったような画面は、山口が体感したであろう疾走感が伝わってきます。曖昧に保たれているピン トによって作家の行動記録とも言える絵画が既視感のある一般的な風景と重なり、どこかノスタルジックに我々の目に写るのです。
箕浦建太郎は 1978 年生まれ、現在は東京を拠点にしております。自身の心象風景として体験や経験の蓄積が擬態化し、生物的な ” 何か ” としてキャ ンバス上に現れています。今日の作家の多くもそうであるように、キャラクターやアニメ、ゲームをはじめ、映画や音楽、ストリートカルチャーなど 境界線を特に意識することなく幅広いカルチャーに触れて育った箕浦自身を反映した肖像とも言えます。また画材も古典的な油彩からスプレーまで幅 広く、その独特な組み合わせによって画面に深みを持たせながら、近年ではキャンバス作品のみならず陶器による立体作品も精力的に制作しており、 その表現の幅を広げております。
精力的にその活動を広げている作家 6 名によるスケールが大きい意欲作が会します。ぜひご高覧くださいませ。

PARCEL is pleased to announce the opening of a group exhibition by six Japanese artists, representing their generations, starting on October 16. This will be an opportunity to show new works in a wide range of styles, from abstract to figurative, as well as one of the largest works by each of the artists.

In 2015, Auto Moai began creating works in monochrome, has been using a lot of color since 2018, and is known for a distinct style in which a highly anonymous “presence” seems to be standing on the canvas. The artist’s style, which is extremely objective but also appears to be a very personal scene, presents us with views and sceneries that can be found through the removal of elements, such as the relationship between people and the relationship between the painting and the viewer.

Born in 1980, Taku Obata is a sculptor known for his series of B-BOY-inspired sculptures based on his roots as a break dancer. More recently, Obata has been exhibiting works on canvas using mainly acrylic paint, reflecting the relationship between modeling and carving in the context of sculpture. By relocating the “scraped” mass from a canvas covered with paint to a different blank canvas and “molding” it, Obata takes a new approach to paintings from a sculptors point of view. The artists has been working on the theme of the movement of the body and mass from his early career, portraying this through various media.

Hiroya Kurata, also born in 1980, currently lives and works in New York. Kurata has created a series of works in the past that were inspired by baseball, both as a pure enjoyment and as a symbol to convey the many messages behind the game. In recent years, the artist has moved away from baseball, and started a series of works focusing on family members. As the COVID pandemic has prevented him from traveling and staying outdoors, his family was what he was closest to, and interacted with every day. Although the works are based on moments that the artist himself actually experienced, they are also vividly depicting the trivial happiness that we, the viewers, feel in our daily lives.

Born in 1993 and currently based in Tokyo, BIEN outlines the shapes of man-made letters, symbols, manga and anime characters with dynamic lines, inheriting and sublimating the various modes of expression of street culture and animation culture, while attempting to deconstruct and reconstruct symbolic meanings. At his solo exhibition at PARCEL in March 2021, he unveiled a series of works in which black lines run inexhaustibly over a combination of panels composed of colored surfaces of light (landscape) captured by a camera, taking on the challenge of a new expression of abstraction on the boundary between fiction and reality.

Koji Yamaguchi is an artist based in Tokyo, Japan since 2018 after working several years in New York. He is known for his oil paintings, which are mainly inspired by the scenery Yamaguchi himself rode passed, while riding his skateboard. The overall blurred look of the screen conveys the sense of speed that Yamaguchi must have experienced. The ambiguously maintained focus of the paintings, which can be referred to as a record of the artist’s behavior, overlaps with common landscapes that give us a sense of déjà vu, making them appear somewhat nostalgic to our eyes.

Kentaro Minoura was born in 1978 and currently lives and works in Tokyo. The accumulation of his own experiences and experiences are mimicked as his mental landscape, and appear on the canvas as a kind of “creature”. The works can be described as a self portrait that reflects Minoura’s own upbringing, where he was introduced to a wide range of cultures, including anime, games, movies, music, and street, without being particularly conscious of the boundaries between them. Minoura uses a wide range of painting materials, from classic oils to spray paint, and the unique combination of these mediums enables him to add depth to his paintings. In recent years, he has been actively producing not only works on canvas but also three-dimensional works on ceramic, expanding the range of his expression.

The exhibition will feature ambitious works on a large scale by six artists who have been actively expanding their activities as an artist. We look forward to seeing you at this exhibition.


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“kichichitaiclub23-24-25-26-27” mix by Kentaro Minoura 2021


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ANA meets ART “COM”

ANA meets ART “COM” は2020年に始動した、”アーティストインレジデンス”と”ビエンナーレ”、”アートワーケーション”を軸にした、実験的プロジェクトです。



こちらのANA meets ART “COM”Instagramアカウント(https://www.instagram.com/ana_art_com/) にてレポートしています。



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Kentaro Minoura


Size  :  148 x 210 mm
Page  :  148 Pages  Full Color Book
Release  :  July  2021


©Kentaro Minoura 2021.  All Rights Reseved.Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.   minourakentaro.com
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