Kentaro Minoura


1. 皮
2. Sai
3. GOD
4. 息
5. Tête
6. Looking at same
7. 他人
8. For


Written , Produce , Mastering and Design by Kentaro Minoura
Photograph by Kotori Kawashima
Model by Aoi Morikawa (STARDUST PROMOTION Inc.)
Stylist by Koji Oyamada
Hair&Make-up by Naoko Matsuoka


℗©Kentaro Minoura 2016. Manufactured by Kentaro Minoura.|16・10・16| (L)(x)   ¥1,000(税抜)STEREO  Compact Disc
All rights Reseved.Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable law.   minourakentaro.com   DREAM-003


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